We are bringing digital thinking to the legal world

recode.law is the leading young initiative driving the digitalisation of the legal industry. We think into the future and make young people fit for the biggest opportunity of our generation.

We don't just talk about Legal tech...

In our podcast, we regularly talk to exciting personalities who bring innovation to the legal industry and want to share interesting thoughts with us. In doing so, we show what alternative career paths there can be and what thoughts you can think about.

...but actively help shape it

In our workshops, young lawyers can learn how digitisation works in practice. Together with our partners, they get the opportunity to develop practical applications. Through lecture and discussion formats, we initiate and shape debates, for example on the digitisation of the judiciary or legal education.

We are bringing the best minds together

We are a platform for all young people who no longer want to just watch, but want to shape the future together with us. Together we are a large network of committed doers who want to make a difference.

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Our Partners

As a non-profit organisation, we rely on donations from third parties. Our partners not only support us financially, but also provide our members with valuable insights into practice. We regularly exchange content and organise joint events.

We have been awarded!

As part of Lex Superior's Digital Study, we were recognised as a digital pioneer in 2019 for our pioneering work in digitising the legal industry. 

2021 wurden wir erneut ausgezeichnet für Innovation im Studium.

The Digital Study is Germany's most comprehensive study on digitalisation in legal education. On the one hand, it is a continuous snapshot of the state of digitisation in law studies and legal traineeships. On the other hand, it records the opinions, wishes and goals of the most important stakeholders. In this way, the Digital Study is intended to provide all stakeholders with an empirically sound basis for a joint exchange and the design of the digital transformation of legal education.

What others say about us

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Tobias Neufeld

Partner bei Arqis

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Dr. Nikolai Warneke

Partner bei Noerr

“Hochaktuell in der Themenwahl und professionell in der Organisation. Die Initiative erweckt hohe Erwartungen und begründete Hoffnungen mit Blick auf eine junge Generation von Jurist:innen.”

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Gaier

Richter am BVerfG & BGH a.D. und ehemaliges Fördermitglied von recode.law

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